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Dan on What you do there in the back of your...
Cool Shot

Amanda on Details of eye makeup
Very nice, I find difficult to get satisfying images of eyes and I really like this one.

Amanda on Pin Up / Photographer
I really like the perspective, very nice shot.

Katalog Stron on Post Industry Bathroom
nice shot ,great compo,bravo wish all the best

Blister on Post Industry Bathroom
Like the handbag. Piece de resistance. Good use of colour.

Blister on Forboding Climb
A moment of art deco. I like the floating light look. Love it!

Blister on Neal's Yard
What a sweet spot! Going to wend my way there one day for sure. I like the point of view on this one.

Blister on Strand Station
Been there and your crooked photo is better.

Blister on Toadstool
Lovely use of light.

dj.tigersprout on Forboding Climb
excellent -- almost otherworldly!

grouser on Post Industry Bathroom
Hello stranger. Nicely sordid

Terre Mavix Chartrand on Neal's Yard
Thanks for the correction. I will correct the name in the title. It is such a lovely little hidden corner, isn't ...

Terre Mavix Chartrand on Forboding Climb
Noo! It is being torn down? That is a horrible thing to think of. This is one of the places that I, as you know, truly ...

grouser on Copper coppa
Well I'd be brassed off Hello stranger, nice to see you back like the treatment

Jay Baker, Esq. on Forboding Climb
The Co-op building in Sheffield, sadly soon to be no more as we know it. It makes the importance of such documentation ...

Jay Baker, Esq. on Neal's Yard
I believe this is Neals Yard, FYI :) I was there sharing vegan cake with a friend just recently! Great photo.

GS on Moment of
beautiful and erotic

Claudia on Surreal post-storm sun reflections
Beautiful image...the light is just wonderful!

grouser on Surreal post-storm sun reflections
Always magical this kind of light

Stefan on Toadstool
Beautiful light, well done!

grouser on Toadstool
Long time no see. Lovely light

PhotoPharie on House gone
that is so completely sad! Elora is one of my most favourite places in the area.

PhotoPharie on Dandy Lion
Very Dandy :) gives a different perspective on it when its a close up.

PhotoPharie on Forboding Climb

Ram on Moment of
Nice capture...... Lovely Crop.

Rags on Moment of
It is a truly lovely as well as sad image. I like it.

Joey on Moment of
Hi Gautam, I'm sorry, but there is nothing to critique about this photo... it is beautiful, raw and spot on! I ...

manolo on Moment of
émotion hors du temps

gautam on Moment of
nice shot

Viewfinder on Neal's Yard
I can see why tourists would want to be close to this place. Nice photo.

grouser on Neal's Yard
I used to work on the buildings there many years ago. The plants have grown a bit since then

Allan Clark on Neal's Yard
nice shot i like colors

chrissy on Forboding Climb
like this image very much, cool processing

grouser on Bright Nautilus
Nice title and burnt out abstract that fits the bill

Sarah on Dandy Lion
Dandelion - a beautiful tonic for the liver! So underestimated! A super flower and a super photo!

grouser on Dandy Lion
A dandy dandylion TMC long time no see

Nina on Dandy Lion
Dandelions are really lovely flowers, I love them also und you've captured them so wonderfully, colors and details ...

greg on Dandy Lion
lovely weed... :) Nice yellows...

Kat on Revue Royale
Beautiful! Nice arm sleeve too.

blister on Apocalypse soon...
Impressive photo. I love the colour balance throughout.

zanfifotos on Statuesque Burlesque
such an original angle to focus on leg and garter belt

zanfifotos on Revue Royale
very nice b&w portrait with umbrella

zanfifotos on Queen of Spades, Fanning
very nice pic, such a good idea to shot through the fan

Desparado on Pin Up / Photographer
B'ful shot:)

Observing on Pin Up / Photographer
Very professional, the photographer has a good view, but his cam is in my view !

grouser on Queen of Spades, Fanning
Nice almost abstract portrait

Nubia on Queen of Spades
She's Hottttttttttttttttt...

Ana Lúcia on Queen of Spades
COOOL!!! This girl is gorgeous.

grouser on Queen of Spades
Like the colour one better. The light is softer and there is more detail. The highlights are a bit burnt out in the B/W

rumbarber on Me as Marie
wow - very striking indeed.

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